2022 Upgraded Roll On Wax Kit, Honey Roller Waxing Kit for Sensitive Skin, Depilatory Soft Wax Heater with 2 Cartridge Refill and 100 pcs Wax Strips

2022 Upgraded Roll On Wax Kit, Honey Roller Waxing Kit for Sensitive Skin, Depilatory Soft Wax Heater with 2 Cartridge Refill and 100 pcs Wax Strips

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  • ✅【PAINLESS WAXING KIT】Roller wax kit adopts visual LED temperature display and temperature control, which can observe the heating situation at any time; free temperature control, while preventing scalding; constant temperature setting to maintain the wax temperature, ensuring easy application of the wax and excellent hair removal, And great for removing hair from large areas on the legs, back, chest, arms, face and underarms.Gives you a very comfortable and satisfying hair removal experience.
  • ✅【NATURAL & PREMIUM INGREDIENTS】Roll on wax cartridges are made with hypoallergenic resin and honey oil and without pungent odor, Soft Wax Cartridge provides a comfortable and gentle feel to the skin. It has strong adsorption on curly and coarse hair. It can uproot the hair follicles and remove hair from the root. Our hypoallergenic formula will ensure better application results and a comfortable hair removal experience for every customer by reducing skin redness and irritation.
  • ✅【UPDATED HEATING SYSTEM】The heating system adopts high-quality aluminum sheet, which makes the thermal conductivity stronger and heating faster, It only takes about 15-25 minutes (Tested), much better than other similar models.This safe and lightweight roller heater is small and flexible, easy to carry, In addition to this, With it's powerful heating efficiency, it will become the most powerful helper for you to remove hair at home, travel or on business trips.
  • ✅【HOW TO USE】 Heat the wax cartridges first, set it to 105 degrees, after about 15 minutes, when the temperature is about 90 degrees, The first way: apply the wax to the skin directly, Use wax Strips to fit snugly over the waxed area, Then, quickly tear off the wax Strips against the direction of the hair; The second way: apply the wax to the wax Strips and Press the wax Strips tightly against the skin you want to remove the hair from. The second way is more suitable for sensitive skin.
  • ✅【GUARANTEE】: For whatever reason, If you are not satisfied with our waxing kit, or if you have any concerns about the product. Please feel free to let us know, we will provide you with a solution in good faith and refund! Good product, great service, worthy of your possession! CENYEDA offers 12 months exchange or return and money-back guarantee.


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  • Professional Roll on Wax Refill for Women and Men

- Waxing can be easy! Quick and mess-free!

- Effective waxing both on large or small areas, on fine or coarse hair.

- Waxing provides smoother, longer-lasting results, and slower growth by removing the hair from the root.

Natural & Premium Ingredients

The honey wax cartridge is made with natural ingredients,fits for all kinds of skin.Suger-like consistency once heated,firmly grasp the roots of the hair to achieve a better hair removal effect.


1.Put the wax into the heater.

2.Plug the heater into the secured cable and confirm that the LED lights up.

3.Check whether the wax cartridge are completely melted into liquid. When heated to liquid, it means that the heating has been completed.

4.In the direction of hair growth, apply the wax box inside the heater directly to the skin or to Large Waxing Strips in parallel layers.

Roller wax kit ideal for removing unwanted hair from legs, back, Chest, arms, face and under arms.

Portable Hair Roller Epilator Machine Set

Why waxing? Hair removal waxing can stay smooth skin for up to 4-6 weeks. Remove the hair effectively with less pain.Regrowth is slower, finer, and less noticeable.Easy to use with no mess and time-efficient.